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To Your Eternity

 analouge masters

To Your Eternity

 The agenda of analogue masters as a label is to make reissues at reasonable prices for their customers by a recruited colleague and me. analogue masters will work primarily on releases on CD and LP. Of course, analogue masters could do reissues on cassette, but the CD format is our priority now.  

To underline: we do not fear any format, whether chrome master cassettes, DAT tapes or reel-to-reel. It is also possible to send us finished .wav files if preferred by the artist who wishes to. However, the mission and agenda of analogue masters are working for higher aims and goals, like further distribution to a new audience and creating an archive for posterity. We do not see ourselves as competitors but rather as a complement in the market.

Don't hesitate to contact us for suggestions and inquiries. We also have an analogue studio where we are based. We also have no problem travelling worldwide if this is preferred. At an initial stage, there is also the possibility of online meetings via services such as Zoom/Skype. The idea of the meetings is to talk about reissue design, mastering, and agreements regarding artist copies and royalty payments. analogue masters do not do this work for profit but to eventually build an archive for descendants in their spare time.

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